Lagoom App – usein kysytyt kysymykset

Täältä löydät hyödyllistä tietoa Lagoom app -sovelluksesta (tällä hetkellä vain englanniksi)

What is the benefit of using Lagoom app?

You get everything in one application: wardrobe management, connecting with a community and a marketplace for exchanging clothes.

By managing your wardrobe with Lagoom, you will be always up to date with your clothes. This way you can avoid impulse buy, save money and become a conscious consumer. You can choose to use only this feature, stay private or or go public.

If you’re keen to connect with like-minded consumers, you can find matches based on location, size, style and age range. Finding second-hand clothes has never been easier!

The marketplace feature allows users to sell, exchange or give away clothes amongst themselves. Users can choose to sell within their network or list the items in the public marketplace by single click.

Lagoom app is very easy to use:

  1. register
  2. build your virtual closet
  3. swipe for wardrobes
  4. explore your community
  5. purchase from your network
How do you differ from other second-hand platforms?

Unlike other second-hand applications, Lagoom is a community, the Tinder of resale. The app allows you to connect with users who share your style and size, making search for clothes easy and efficient.

Lagoom app serves those who want to look for special offers of used items that fit their size, in the wardrobes from the people of interest, our “flip to match, tap to sell” platform helps to keep users update on their favorite fashion trends  and renew their closets in a convenient, affordable and sustainable way.

We create a unique experience which is fun, simple and engaging – summon your fashion squad!

What’s your business approach?

Sustainability is our core value. Lagoom App offers a smart way to manage existing apparel while reducing the strain on both production and product disposal in fashion industry. Our solution enables better management of natural resources by respecting the planetary boundaries.

Lagoom App is based on collaborative consumption and circular economy principles extending the life-cycle of clothes. With individual impact measurement, we empower individuals to make more responsible choices.

Lagoom App encourages community members to take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, in line with Sustainable Development Goal No 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).

In Lagoom App users can obtain credit as a reward for the natural resources saved (CO2 and other criteria) with their purchases. We promote transparency by encouraging users to share the origin of apparel items.

We believe in having just enough.

How can I order clothes?

Right now we are focusing on building the community and eventually people can exchange clothes among themselves. 

What is the story behind Lagoom?

Lagoom is a collaboration between Tavarapilvi Oy and gaIoTa Oy.
Tavarapilvi Oy was founded in 2018 by Jaakko Isohanni, Oskari Heikkila and Vesa Säynäjäkangas. Isohanni is an entrepreneur with a background and expertise in business, media and technology. He has a strong passion toward circular economy and sustainability. Heikkilä is an inventor and experienced entrepreneur who has founded several startups, such as Teraloop. He highly values innovation in a multidisciplinary environment. Säynäjäkangas is an experienced investor and serial entrepreneur.

gaIoTa is a multidisciplinary team of experts in design, business and engineering. With years of working experience in a cross-cutting setting and applying Design Thinking approach in order to generate innovation. In 2018 gaIoTa was selected top 6 in the World Challenge Finland competition, empowered by the UN OICT, together with the European Space Agency and NASA World Wind. gaIoTa team members are also an alumni of Kiuas Start Accelerator program of 2019. Furthermore, in cooperation with a senior full stack developers team in Vietnam, gaIoTa also offers affordable outsource services for web and App development.