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PRESS RELEASE: Digital wardrobe in your pocket – an innovative second-hand clothing application release today

Lagoom app brings a new element into the second-hand clothing market: matchmaking and connecting with community members. “This is the Tinder of second-hand market,” says Jaakko Isohanni, the founder of Tavarapilvi Oy, the company behind Lagoom app. 

Lagoom App offers users three main functions: wardrobe management, a second-hand marketplace and sustainable fashion community. “This is what makes Lagoom unique: the community function helps users find matching clothes,” Isohanni says. 

Users can build their digital wardrobes and get instant access to their clothes. A mix-match function enables creatingand saving outfits without the need of buying more. Lagoom is also a marketplace where users can sell and buy unused clothes and therefore prolong their lifecycle. The marketplace is optimised to fit each user’s preference, matching similar sizes and styles. The community function connects users with like-minded peers to share tips on sustainable fashion.

”We plan to expand this concept from clothes to other items, such as hardware tools,” Isohanni foresees. Although Lagoom is running in Finland, it has drawn interest in Europe and in Vietnam where the app’s technical team is based. 

Lagoom is a collaboration between Tavarapilvi Oy and gaIoTa Oy. Tavarapilvi Oy was founded in 2018 by Jaakko Isohanni, Oskari Heikkilä and Vesa Säynäjäkangas. Isohanni is an entrepreneur who has founded and managed several companies related to real estate, media and technology. Heikkilä is an inventor and experienced entrepreneur with successful startups, such as Teraloop. Säynäjäkangas is an experienced investor and serial entrepreneur. 

gaIoTa is a multidisciplinary team of experts in design, business and engineering, alumni of Kiuas Start Accelerator program of 2019. In 2018, gaIoTa was selected top 6 in the World Challenge Finland competition, empowered by the UN OICT, together with the European Space Agency and NASA World Wind. gaIota has a senior full stack developers team in Vietnam. 

Lagoom is about having just enough

To get a fuller picture of Lagoom app, please visit our website or our social media channels, Instagram and Facebook. Lagoom app is available at Google Play and App Store. 

For more information, please contact: 

Jaakko Isohanni, founder (English, Finnish)
tel: +358 40 534 2393