How does OUR online SWAP work?

Step 1: Sign up online swap event for free

  1. Download Lagoom App from App Store or Google Play
  2. Register and sign up for Lagoom SWAP event

Step 2: Exchange your items for Lagoom points

  1. Select apparels and wearings (e.g., clothes, shoes, accessories, etc) that you never wear but other Lagoomers could enjoy. Take picture of those items and indicate them in Lagoom App before the item drop off day. Maximum 8 items per user per event.
  2. Come and bring your items to our collection point (and also our store!) in Lapinlahdenkatu 08, Helsinki to drop your items. Your items will be quality checked and given Lagoom points. For items that we cannot accept, you will need to take them back with you. The Lagoom points granted to you will be shown in you account in Lagoom app.

Step 3: Swap till you drop

  1. During the swap day, use the Lagoom app to find various items from other users ("Lagoomers"), and use your Lagoom points to get the items you want (swap).
  2. You can get your new items after the swap day by either pick up at our collection point or have them delivered to you.
  3. Enjoy new treasures. Share your joy and how you save the planet to other, mouth to mouth or through social media!

* * * We accept various brands of womenswear, menswear. Our main requirement is that items must be in good condition (see our criteria of acceptable condition below) so that they can find a new home.

Lagoom point system

Our point system is designed such so that Lagoomers will receive fair value for the items they have surrendered. The number of points are granted based on the type of item and the brand.

point system


point system

Items that don't fall into the listed categories or brands

If we notice that the items brought to our collection point don't fall into either of the categories or brands defined in this document, you may inform us or suggest to us where the items could belong to. The final decision on the acceptance and of the amount of Lagoom point granted thereof will be up to our discretion and cannot be contested.

Lagoom point system

Validity of Lagoom Points

Lagoom points that you earned would be valid for 3 months from the date the points are granted to you. With swap happening once a month, you can spend the points in at most 3 consecutive swaps to find the items in need. Any unspent Lagoom points that expire will be removed from your account. Shall you wish to exchange the Lagoom points for items to be donated, you can do so by spending the points during the swap event that happens before time your points expire, then after you confirm the items, you should inform to us that the items shall be donated.

Lagoom points validity extension

In case after 3 months you still have remaining points that they wish to keep for later use, you can request points extension service and pay 9€ (+VAT) extension fee for 1 month extension. You can request for point extension as many as you wish.

Item pickup and shipping

After the swap day, you may choose how you will get the items, either pick up at our collection point or have them shipped to the address of your choosing. You can decide the mean of collecting package latest by the package pick up day at the service point.

Delivery Service Option

Lagoom will send the information about package and related information thus users can proceed order delivery service with logistics provider (at this point we consider Posti or Matkahuolto). We charge users 9€ (+VAT) fee for package handling, plus the full shipping cost to deliver the packages to the designated destination.

Pickup at service point

  1. Users can pick up their packages without additional charges at our collection point during the designated pick up day. If you could not make it and wish to pick up at other time after the pickup day until at most 2 weeks, you need to inform us (latest 3 days after the designated pick up day) and pay handling fee of €5 (+VAT) at the collection point.
  2. If users could not make it in 2 weeks and wish to pick up at other time within 1 month, they need to inform us and pay handling fee of €9 (+VAT) at the pick up point.

Any packages that remain unclaimed or without any notice for pickups or shipping will be donated for charity THREE DAYS after the pickup day.

Terms and conditions

Items related terms

Accepted items

Lagoom accept apparel items for men wear and women wear, including unbranded ones. There is only one condition is that all the items must be in good condition, without any defect.

  • Top:Shirt, T-shirt, Sweater, Suit & blazers, Jackets & Outwear
  • Bottom: Skirt, Short, Jean, Pants
  • Outfit: Dresses
  • Foot ware: shoes, Boots
  • Accessories: Jewellery, Bags, Pouches, Neckties, Hats, Scarves, Belts

Rejected items

We highly recommend that you quality check your items before submitting and bringing to the collecting point. This would save the time the organiser spending on checking defect items and avoid any disappointment it might cost. We will not accept items with the following conditions:

  • Unwashed
  • Damaged & defected
  • Missing buttons or have broken zips
  • Very old/worn-out/pilling
  • Personal items such as underwear, swimming suit
  • Promotional items or brand merchandise items
  • Torn or ripped
  • Stained with make-up or sweat-marks
  • Smelling or have an odour
  • Filled with pet fur

Quality of customer items

  • Items handed to the collection point must have been washed very recently and good condition, i.e with no defects, make up stains, tears & rips, sweat-marks, alterations, odour, pet fur etc.
  • We do not provide any service nor assistance to clean the items being handed to the collection point. They are quality checked on an as-is basis.
  • Our quality check procedure by no means is intended, nor does it provide a guarantee that the items will be free of any possible forms of harm. Users are responsible for the items they have handed to our collection point, as well as items they have chosen to get during our swap. We highly advise you that the items you get should be washed or cleaned prior to being worn. We are not liable for any harms, damages, defects, or hygiene concerns related to the items you received or swapped once they left our possession.
  • All items will have to go through our quality check regardless whether they have been quality checked or not during previous swap events.


Participation in Lagoom online swap events is not subject to any participation fees. We don't allow any returns nor refund. You can exchange the items you get from prior swap by dropping the items to our collection point during certain designated times of next swap events and have them quality checked again.

Any purchases and fees charged by us (including but not limited to : handling and shipping fee, extending the pick up time of the items, or extending the validity of the Lagoom points) are not-refundable.

Item acceptance or rejection dispute

The final decision with regard to the acceptance or rejection of items is solely up to our discretion and cannot be contested.

Lagoom points and point disputes

Lagoom points system & process

The Lagoom points granted to you will be updated in the app after the items submitted went through quality check and have been appraised and accepted. Before the points are granted, their approval is requested at the checking point. The amount of points granted is final (based on our discretion) and cannot be contested.

Lagoom point systems are subject to change at any time and changes will happen without any prior notices. You will not receive any compensations or payments if there are changes on the Lagoom point systems that lead to situations where the same items might be valued differently.

Points dispute and cancellation

The User have the right to raise questions for appraisal, i.e., you can ask how many points they can get out of the items being handed at the collection point. Once the items are handed to use and are already in our possession, they cannot be claimed or requested back unless by spending Lagoom points to get the items during swap day. This by no means this constitutes a guarantee of getting the items as the items can be claimed by other Users who participated in first come, first serve basis.

The final decision in granting Lagoom points are solely decided by our staff (Swap Squad). By being registered as a participant for online swap event, you immediately agree that we have the unilateral rights in granting the points.

Cancellation of items which you have confirmed or ordered is not possible.


Q1: How many items can I bring to the collection point?

Users may participate in as many online swap events as they want. However, due to the logistical constraints, we limit a maximum of 8 items per user per event.

Q2. What happens to the points that remain after you’ve swapped?

Lagoom would like to allow the items to find a new home, hence we grant the users the right to use Lagoom points for 3 months from the time it is granted in App. However, we provide the user possibility to have their points valid for longer for a fee.

Q3. How should my items be if I will drop them off at the collection point? (the items that you have tagged in app for the swap event in Lagoom App)

It's simple. Make sure that the items you will drop to our collection point have been washed recently and they meet our requirements of accepted items. After that, bring them to us for quality check. We recommend to use paper bags or any reusable bags so we don't contaminate the planet during the swap

Q4. Can I get refund, return or exchange items?

We don't allow any return nor refund once payments have been made. With regard to exchange, as we are doing swap, so exchanging items should happen there. You can bring the items you get from previous swap events to our collection point for check and in exchange for Lagoom points. Exchanging the items that have been ordered and confirmed in the same swap event is not possible.

Q5. What happens to rejected items?

Rejected items would be returned to you at the collection point during the time you hand the items to us. You can decide to take them back with you or donate for charity. We'll have a space at the collection point where you can drop your items there for donation. These items would then be sent to charity organizations of our choosing.

Q6. Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Our privacy policy can be found here, and Terms of Service can be found here