Manage your wardrobe with 9 easy steps

Manage your wardrobe with 9 easy steps

Closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Not sure what your wardrobe actually contains? A blouse looks nice but doesn’t go with anything? If you answered yes, it’s time to manage your wardrobe. 

Here are the steps to help you clean your wardrobe effectively: 

Step 1:  Schedule a day 

Book a full day for this; it will take more time than you think.  Try to finish everything in one day.

Step 2:   Choose a good playlist 

It’s easier to motivate yourself in this challenge when you’re listening to your favorite songs. Or try apre-selected playlist

Step 3: Take out all your clothes

Once you see all your clothes it’s easier to make a full inventory. You might be surprised by how much you own! This idea is based on the KonMari Method

Step 4: Choose your categories 

  • Keep: items you want to save
  • Toss: unusable, broken or worn-out items 
  • Sell: you’re not wearing them anymore but are still exchangeable 
  • Customize: you like them but need fixing 
  • Maybe: items you cannot decide on 

5. Make your decision rules 

Choose a rule or rules by which you go through your “Keep” piles. 

  • By heart: does a particular item make you happy? If you answer yes, keep it. 
  • By head: classy vs. trendy. Classy here means basic, seasonless wear, simple in style and neutral colors. Trendy items might not be the priority to keep, but you can combine them with classy ones. 
  • By time: if you haven’t worn it for a year, it’s time to say goodbye. If a year sounds too radical, you can decide your own time period. 

Step 6: Organize your ”Keeps”

There are several ways you can organize your wardrobe 

  • By colour: When you arrange your clothes in colour sections, you can easily spot similar items. By using this method, you don’t end up buying the same clothes several times. This way of organizing things gives you a sense of achievement: your wardrobe looks great and it gives you the motivation to maintain it. 
  • In boxes: fold your clothes tightly next to each other, in a way that helps you instantly see what’s in the box. Marie Kondo uses this method. 

Step 7: Dealing with your “Maybe” 

There are two handy methods you can use to help you make up your mind: 

  • “Flip your hanger”. Hang all of your undecided clothes and flip them. Whenever you wear one, flip it. After three months remove all of the clothes that you didn’t flip. 
  •  “Pending Box”. Put all your “Maybe” clothes in a box and see after 3 to 12 months how often you wore them. Toss those you didn’t wear at all. 

Step 8: Donate 

Don’t throw away your clothes if they are still in good condition. Donate them to your friends and family or try to sell them. Find a new home to your unused clothes easily via Lagoom app

Step 9: Commit

Create your wardrobe management plan now, commit to it and invite friends to join the venture. This is a challenging task but the rewards are amazing: you’ll save time and money in the future. Finally; share your findings with Lagoom community and have some fun!

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